For more than two decades, Black Diamond Paving & Concrete has been Fallbrook CA’s top paving contractor for parking lots, apartment communities, industrial pavement, municipal roadways, sidewalks, and more. We have been the paving professionals trusted for parking lot and roadway installation, both asphalt and concrete repair, and pavement maintenance services in California since 2003.

Best Asphalt Paving Services in Fallbrook CA

Why Choose Us

  • We serve a wide variety of paving clients in California, including multi-family residential communities, schools, churches, industrial companies, shipping companies, as well as commercial property owners.
  • With every paving project, we provide a detailed estimate of all the asphalt or concrete products we will utilize and each pavement maintenance, repair, or installation service we will provide.
  • Every paving contractor on our staff is professionally qualified in installing asphalt and concrete, trained in the latest paving solutions, and has the expertise to find the best technical pavement solutions.

All About Fallbrook CA

A Census-Designated Place in San Diego County, Fallbrook CA had a population of 30,534 as of the 2010 Census. Rather than a population center, the town is a hotspot for U.S. Marines to visit and enjoy the local fare, due to being located immediately east of Camp Pendleton. It is known as the unofficial avocado capital of the world due to the large number of avocado groves in the area. The community celebrates this agricultural heritage with the annual Avocado Festival.

On a visit to Southern California, a visit to sunny Fallbrook is a must to truly understand the natural beauty of San Diego County. In addition to a vibrant arts community and nightlife, the town has natural attractions ranging from private farms and botanical gardens to public parks and natural areas like the nearby Santa Margarita River Trail Preserve. Wedding venues abound in this lovely natural area, along with local vineyards serving artisanal wines and grape products. Fallbrook is a must for visitors who enjoy wine tours, hiking, art, shopping, and nightlife, truly something for everyone!

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