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Oceanside, California

This town is a beautiful coastal city that is located on the South Coast. It has a population of 167,086 and is the third largest city in the San Diego County. The area was first inhabited by Native Americans. In 1769, European explorers arrived in the area. The city was incorporated in 1888. Oceanside, California is a stunning city that has many attractions to enjoy.

The Pier was first built in 1888 and was 1,954 feet long. It was a wooden pier that was destroyed by storms in 1890 and three years later the pier was rebuilt, then was rebuilt again, because it was destroyed by storms. It was built again and the cost was $5 million dollars, and a 50’s style diner called Ruby’s Diner is at the end of the pier along with the Junioe Seau Pier Amphitheater where many events are held. This place is a popular pier where fishermen fish, visitors stroll, and surfers surf next to the pier.

another job completed as a paving company in OceansideSurfers from all across the country come here to visit the California Surf Museum. The California Surf Museum is located in downtown and displays surfboards, equipment, magazine covers, photos, and surf art. The Ironman California 70.3 is held in town because of its diverse terrain. Visitors can enjoy hiking, walking, and biking on the trails throughout the city. There is historical walking tours available, so visitors can learn about the city. Along with surfing, scuba diving, swimming, and fishing, visitors can experienced the best coastal skydiving experience that can only happen in this beautiful city.

The Main Street Market is a weekly event that has been going on since 2007. This isn’t your ordinary Farmer’s Market as over a thousand residents and visitors gather together and provide eclectic and unique merchandise, live music, art, crafts, and many different food vendors. The Main Street Market is held each Thursday evening at 5:00pm – 9:00 pm year-round.

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