New Pavement for El Cajon business parking lot

We were recently contacted by a coffee shop that was interested in having a consultation done for a parking lot repair and installation in El Cajon. The coffee shop’s business had been steadily growing for some time and they were interested in using our parking lot maintenance services to fit their needs. The space they occupied had the permits for a larger parking lot, but the original owner didn’t find it necessary for their business. The coffee shop wanted to take advantage of that extra space, as well as fix up their current lot and have some crack filling and sealcoating done.

We headed over soon after to do a consultation and determine what was necessary for this parking lot repair in El Cajon. The current lot was in decent shape, but it looked like it could use some parking lot crack filling. Because we would be adding new asphalt to expand the lot, we recommended a full sealcoating of the entire lot, to give it a consistent, finished look. We gave the customer an estimate for our services and let them have some time to consider our offer. The next day, we received a call back, letting us know they were impressed with our plan and our estimate, and were interested in moving forward with us on the project.

Parking Lot Maintenance Estimate Accepted

Within a few days, we began construction on the new section of pavement. We laid a strong, solid base and poured the new asphalt. While work was being finished up on the new addition to the lot, we were also working on the patching and repair of the rest of the lot. We started with the crack filling and made sure there were no openings to let in any moisture that could cause future problems. Then we took care of any parking lot patching that was necessary.

A few months later, after the new asphalt had sufficiently set, we came back to sealcoat the entire lot. The parking lot sealcoating ensured that the old section would blend and the lot would have a consistent look. It also helped to further protect the lot from any damage or deterioration. The customer was very pleased with our work and with the additional lot space they had gained for the customers of their cafe. They promised to give us a call any time they needed commercial paving work done in the future.

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