Multi-family Paving project in Del Mar

We were recently approached by a company that manages a number of apartment complexes in the area. They were in the process of planning and constructing a new apartment building in Del Mar and needed an asphalt contractor to do some new commercial parking lot paving. The paving company they had planned to use backed out at the last minute, so the management company needed to quickly find someone to replace them and get started on the work. They were interested in getting an estimate for the project from us so they could decide who to choose to complete the commercial paving project.

We sent someone over to the property for a consultation. The intended space for the lot was fairly large, as the apartment complex itself was rather large and had a significant number of tenants that would need parking space. After taking some measurements and observing the construction site, we were able to give the management company an estimate and a timeline for the asphalt paving and installation. We ensured them that with our expertise and knowledge about commercial paving, our company was without a doubt the correct choice for this paving, compacting, and parking lot sealcoating in Del Mar.

Multi-Family commercial Paving project Starts

After some consideration, the company agreed. They accepted our estimate and plan for the parking lot work and we were able to begin the project right away. To start, we laid a solid and well-compacted base for the asphalt to rest on. This ensured the asphalt would not shift or cave-in with time and use. Once the base was completed, we began to pour the asphalt. Although the size of the lot made this a longer project, we were still able to complete the parking lot installation in an expert and efficient manner, and were even done ahead of the management company’s schedule.

After a few months, we came back to consult about parking lot sealcoating. The owners wanted to keep the area looking nice and new over time. We created a schedule for future sealcoating of the parking areas. The sealcoating will ensure that the asphalt will have more protection against the elements and last much longer. The management company was thankful for our flexibility with the parking lot maintenance project and our ability to get the job done quickly but with quality work. They liked how the parking lot turned out and said they would contact us if they had any future projects that required quality commercial paving or parking lot repair.

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