Faulty base layer calls for parking lot reconstruction in Encinitas

Recently, a Encinitas gallery contacted us about completing a commercial parking lot repair job. They informed us that their current lot was very bumpy and was developing ruts in the places cars usually drove. The lot also had a number of cracks that needed to be filled before they caused more serious problems. The business wanted to know if we could help with their problem and complete some other parking lot maintenance.

We sent someone out straight away to investigate the problem. Immediately it was clear that the current lot had been improperly installed and likely had a faulty base. We informed the customers that they would likely need a full parking lot reconstruction. They were not expecting that amount of work, but we assured them that with the right install this problem would not happen again. With our expertise in commercial paving and parking lot repair, we could ensure quality pavement with a long life. The customer agreed and decided to go forward with our plan.

Plans complete & Parking Lot Paving Begins

We began by removing the previous asphalt and discovered that our instincts were correct: the base of the lot was uneven and lacked depth. This created uneven compaction and shifting, especially in areas with more weight or pressure which results in a bumpy and uneven surface. The cracks in the pavement only exacerbated the problem, by allowing water down to further deteriorate and shift the base layer.

Once the old lot was completely removed, it was time to install a new, deeper, and more solid base layer. The proper materials ensure a well-compacted base that won’t shift over time or deteriorate easily, which is exactly what the gallery needed.

As soon as the base was complete, we poured the new asphalt and finished the job. Later on, we came back to inspect the parking lot. The new lot was smooth and even, a far cry from the bumpiness the customers were used to. They did not need to worry about the asphalt shifting or the base compacting unevenly, because they were assured a solid and quality base. The owners of the gallery were immensely pleased with our work and thanked us endlessly for solving their problem and completing their project on time and on budget.

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