Parking lots are our business. ADA compliance is our specialty.

For perfect parking lots in San Diego CA, Black Diamond Paving & Concrete is trusted by more property owners than any other asphalt company. That’s partly because we care not only about our clients but also their customers and residents of our communities. This includes people at all levels of mobility, and an important part of our commitment to the safety of people who use our parking lots is ADA compliance.

Why do parking lots need to be ADA-compliant?

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed to ensure equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in employment and access to services. The ADA seeks to ensure that individuals with disabilities can easily move through public spaces, including commercial, residential, or municipal parking lots.

ADA Rules Include

  • A certain number of accessible parking spaces are marked out with traffic paint in specific colors.
  • Clearly marked handicapped parking stencils and loading zones with stripes.
  • Specific accessible parking signage and curb markings.
  • Concrete ramps and aprons that allow people who use wheelchairs to access sidewalks, parking areas, and buildings.

According to the ADA, commercial property owners and municipalities are responsible for ensuring their property complies with the law. If a property doesn’t have any of the parking stencils or concrete ramps required, the property owner can be open to lawsuits.

Keep Your Business Safe from ADA Lawsuits

  • An estimated 20% of US citizens have some form of disability.
  • Every year, California ranks number one in the number of federal disability lawsuits filed.
  • In the first half of 2020 alone, over 2,500 ADA compliance lawsuits were filed in California, over three times as many as in New York during the same timeframe.

Not only is an ADA compliance lawsuit time-consuming, but it can also be costly, which puts strain on the business and can lead to serious consequences. The good news is that you can protect yourself from an ADA lawsuit by keeping your property up to code with help from your trusted local parking lot paving company: Black Diamond Paving & Concrete.

Parking Lot ADA Upgrades by Black Diamond Paving

As the parking lot experts in San Diego CA, Black Diamond Paving can ensure that your property complies with all ADA regulations. Our knowledgeable staff is well-versed in all the ever-changing details of the ADA, and we have connections with ADA compliance specialists. We’ll get your property current with all codes and save you money.

ADA Compliance Assessment

When assessing a property for ADA compliance, our pavement experts examine lots of factors, including

  • Parking: pavement markings, parking spaces, van access, aisle width
  • Pavement: curb ramps, entrance ramps, appropriate slopes, stable and slip-resistant surfaces

In addition to these concerns, we also pay attention to the use your property sees to keep it user-friendly and easily accessible. Churches, schools, and clinics often see visitors with mobility issues like the injured, the elderly, or children. The pavement experts at Black Diamond Paving understand how this can affect which types of accommodations you need to install. As with every paving project we undertake, your needs inform how we approach your ADA compliance project.

The Black Diamond ADA Upgrade Process

ADA Survey:

      1. We determine how many and what type of handicapped parking stalls are required, make sure all parking spaces have the correct signage and paint markings, check pavement slope in all areas of access, and ensure sidewalk ramps and concrete aprons are safe, as well as make sure all entry and exit signs are current.

Corrective Action Plan:

      1. Using the information gained from the survey, we craft an ADA compliance plan that takes on each issue promptly, resulting in a detailed work estimate. We include all construction permits as well.

ADA Compliance Project:

    1. At Black Diamond Paving, we have years of experience with parking lot ADA compliance issues. We can install asphalt and concrete, paint all pavement markings, and provide proper signage. And we’ll even coordinate access to your property during the job so that your business operations aren’t affected.

Contact Black Diamond Paving & Concrete to make sure your San Diego parking lot is ADA-compliant.

As the pavement experts in San Diego CA, Black Diamond Paving & Concrete is dedicated to making sure all our local citizens are safe. We welcome the chance to help upgrade local properties to full ADA compliance and ensure that everybody has equal access to local businesses, churches, schools, and public spaces.

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