Cracks kill…

…your pavement, your curb appeal, and your visitors’ safety. Because as soon as the smooth, beautiful pavement surface is broken, the elements can get into the asphalt, causing more and more pavement problems that can be very expensive to fix.

That’s why you need cost-effective asphalt crack sealing services from a local asphalt paving company that has extensive experience with repairs in your area. In San Diego CA, Black Diamond Paving & Concrete is the asphalt company for professional asphalt crack sealing services on parking lots, walkways, commercial asphalt, and more.

Asphalt Crack Sealing, the Black Diamond Paving & Concrete Way

Asphalt damage goes from the top down, with water, weeds, and pressure breaking down structural layers, leading to pavement damage like potholes, rutting, and depressions. That’s why it’s so important to stop asphalt cracking in its tracks before it gets worse. Protect the life of your pavement by getting all cracks that are 1/4th inch wide or more professionally filled.

  • Crack Sealing Materials

    Several materials are available for sealing cracks in asphalt pavement, but the most well-known and cost-effective product is a hot-rubberized crack sealant. Cold-pour crack repair materials also are available, but these are generally suited to lower-traffic areas as they’re not quite as robust as the hot stuff. At Black Diamond Paving, we keep the customer’s budget and pavement needs in mind on every asphalt repair project.

  • The 3 Steps of Crack Sealing

    • Step One – Clean out asphalt cracks with super powerful, hot compressed air for a strong repair.
    • Step Two – Fill in pavement cracks with high-quality hot or cold asphalt crack-filling products.
    • Step Three – Seal in the crack filler with asphalt sealcoating after dusting the filled cracks with sand.

For professional asphalt crack sealing in San Diego CA, Black Diamond Paving & Concrete is the one to call!

Ready to save the life of your parking lot? Call Black Diamond Paving & Concrete, San Diego CA’s best asphalt repair company, to discuss whether asphalt crack sealing services are right for your property!

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