Black Diamond Paving & Concrete: We’re your paving contractor for all the concrete details (and the concrete big picture too)!

The look of the concrete on your property can make or break your customer’s decisions, like whether to rent or shop with you. That’s why you need a local paving contractor like Black Diamond Paving & Concrete, who has decades of experience with all kinds of concrete paving projects.

The best thing? We do asphalt paving and concrete paving too, so you can rest assured that Black Diamond Paving is handling all aspects of your paving project. Say you need a parking lot restored, the Black Diamond crew can handle everything from asphalt repair to line striping to installing new concrete parking blocks!

Our Quality Concrete Services

For the best concrete paving in San Diego CA, Black Diamond Paving & Concrete is the paving company to call. We have experience with both installing and repairing concrete sidewalks, curbs, drainage systems, entryways, retaining walls, pool decks, and much more.

Our experienced contractors can also add any decorative concrete finish you like, including:

  • Light broom finishes for gutters, sidewalks, and slabs
  • Salt finishes for sidewalks and pool decks
  • Colored, textured, and stamped surfaces for entries and pool decks
  • Washed finishes or mixes with lampblack to blend in with aged and weathered concrete
  • Seeded finishes, if visible stone is preferred

We’re known for our concrete pool decks in San Diego CA.

In communities all over California, the pool is the jewel of the apartment community or subdivision, and what better way to attract more tenants or home buyers than with a brand-new concrete pool deck and walkways? Of course, contacting and coordinating all the different trade contractors is a headache.

Not with Black Diamond Paving. When a property manager contracts with us for a concrete paving project, we manage all aspects of the job from performing high-quality concrete work to coordinating with other contractors to make sure everything goes smoothly. When you sign up for concrete paving with Black Diamond, you can rest assured you’ll have a smooth, hassle-free experience.

When it comes to concrete pool decks, our network of highly trained construction and paving professionals can tackle:

  • Concrete surface replacement
  • Plumbing system repairs and pressure testing
  • Electrical system repairs
  • Handrail and skimmer replacement
  • Coping
  • ADA compliance
  • Landscape repair
  • Fencing
  • Permits

Looking for a green concrete solution in San Diego CA? Black Diamond Paving has you covered!

Concrete is one of the most eco-friendly building materials in use today! Since most concrete is made out of local materials, transportation costs are low, and concrete is produced using minimal energy expenditure.

In Southern California, Black Diamond Paving & Concrete is the asphalt and concrete paving company that business owners, property management firms, manufacturing companies, municipalities, and general contractors trust for all their concrete paving needs. When you’re ready to upgrade your concrete pavement, whether that’s a pool deck or sidewalks, Black Diamond Paving is there for you.

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